Club ROCK is our exciting third- through fifth-grade ministry that includes high-energy music and worship with their parents in the main worship setting followed by relevant Bible study that provides a great opportunity for preteens to take their faith to the next level. Our goal is to help bridge the gap for preteens between what our culture sets as acceptable and what Scripture determines as God’s design for their lives. We will also seek to develop preteens who can grow up in our culture while never losing their faith.

We believe that Amos 5:4 is perfect for third- through fifth-graders: “And the Lord says, ‘Seek me and live.” Our mission at Club ROCK is for our these children to do just that—to seek God with all their heart, soul, and mind. We believe that if we can help your child reach their potential in their relationship with Christ in their preteen years, then when they hit junior and senior high, they will be prepared and strong in their faith to overcome anything!

You will find volunteers ready to greet you at the children’s check-in desk in the main hallway.

If you are a guest with us at St. Peter's West Campus, please come a little bit early to register your child with us.